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About El Medad

About us

Welcome to El Medad... At El Medad we keen to provide our clients with the best services in order to expand their business, and grant the maximum range of services in Dubai. We believe that the need of the hour is to provide an integrated service to meet all requirements of our clients. El Medad provide clients with a large bundle of hassle-free business set-up services, in order to meet their needs of the clients in full. El Medad will augment the service offerings to achieve excellence across the region and to increase its reputation and to meet the current and future vision of our rulers. I would like to thank the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the people who have supported the growth of El Medad till date. I would also like to extend my thanks to our clients, staff, and whoever stepped on the blessed land of “United Arab Emirates”

  • Founded in 2016 Founded in 2016 El Medad offers a variety of distinctive services for it’s customers, ranging from the establishment and management of projects, to the facilitation of travel and others business procedures and protocols. The services we provide extend across all sectors of government, federal and local, diplomatic corps, as well as public and private sector companies and institutions. El Medad set the essential keys of success of business services, and is characterized by a high experienced team with their flexibility and commitment in achieving transparency to the completion of transactions. All our services are aimed at increasing our clients’ confidence in our organisation, and ensuring their complete satisfaction and delight with the services we provide.
  • Our Vision In line with the vision laid out by our ruler of UAE towards the importance of happiness and satisfaction of the customer, Dubai has provided more opportunities for prosperity and diversity to the business community, in both of public and private sectors. El Medad is looking to continually improve business services rates, and have developed services to set up grounds for Dubai Expo 2020.
  • Our Mission With our aim to become the biggest name in business service providers in UAE, our mission is to serve as one of the main engines on which enterprises can depend on to successfully start and operate their businesses. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, increasing value to shareholders by providing them with a high level of service, and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction through saving time, efforts and money.

Our Services

Typing Services

Typing All Transaction of Various Types & Requirements Typing power of attorney, appendixes and minutes of all types Typing Establish business contracts of all types Typing all types of letters: Public letters (letters to employers, letters to banks, etc.) Personal letters (recommendation letters, petition letters, exemption letters from fines, etc.) Typing all government and official documents and processing the forms required for each transaction: Department of Economic Development requests Forms of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Forms of The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization National Identity requests Medical examination requests Health insurance requests Road & Transport Authority (RTA) forms Forms and other requests Copy and preparation and coordination of documents and files of all types

Company Setup

Establishment of companies and institutions of all types To type and prepare documents for certification and to Establish business contracts of the Service Agent and their Annexes. Registering Real estate companies and Real estate brokerage firms The provision of local services agent and companies sponsor as per the United Arab Emirates regulation Add, cancel and edit the company Details and activity Execute transactions related to residency and work permits, for employees and investors and others. Explain in details to new investor about the laws and the regulations of the United Arab Emirates Executing transactions related to residency and work permits, for employees and investors and others. Performing all transactions for set up companies at all Government departments

Typing and Visa services

El Medad assists you to achieve and accomplish of all visa applications, and travel related services Typing visa application form: USA, UK, Schengen, Australia, Canada, Turkey and other countries Tickets & Hotel reservations,Special services for companies. To perform all Government Transactions related Ministries and Government Agencies. Providing PRO services to perform all Procedures in government and official departments Performing the transactions in government departments: Transactions of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation: Employment contracts Labour card Approvals of the Labor Office Lists of workers and staff , …etc. Requests of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs: Entry Permits Employment Permits Apply for new visa applications Apply for applications of the issuance of residence permits and renewals, etc.

Other Services

El Medad helps you in executing other Services like: Booking Airlines Tickets Local and international Hotel reservations through travel agents and tour operators Design and type all kinds of catalogs, brochures and posters through advertising companies

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